Youth Player Placement

  • How are youth players placed on a team?

    Youth Soccer

    The staff at Rec & Ed is responsible for establishing all youth sports teams. In most cases, players are placed on teams based on their public school attendance area. Coaches are not involved in the team assignment process, except to indicate their desired maximum number of players. All registrations received during the session are collected and saved until the stated deadline.  

    1. The child(ren) of the head coach is placed on that coach’s team.
    2. Registrants who played in the team the previous season are assigned first, unless there is a special request from the parents for something different.
    3. If space remains, registrants living in the school attendance area(s) for the team being formed are placed next. If there are more registrants living in the school attendance area(s) than can be accommodated, players are placed in a random drawing until the team is filled.

    High school teams and adult teams are self-selected, and are formed by coaches, managers, captains or players themselves.