Fines & Obligations

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    Fines & Obligations Reference Guide

    District provided materials are expected to be returned to the school in satisfactory condition. These materials include such items as, textbooks, library books, calculators, band and orchestra instruments, and other tools loaned to students during the academic year.

    If school personnel determine materials to be in unsatisfactory condition upon its return, the school has the right to collect an amount equal to the replacement of the material.

    Alternative arrangements can be made for the collection of replacement value of the item. Until collection is complete, this is considered an outstanding fine or obligation, which must be resolved before the end of the school year.

    At NO TIME will a student be denied access to educational facilities or resources directly related to the free and appropriate public education of that student pending the resolution of outstanding fines or obligations.

    Materials include, but are not limited to:

    • Textbooks
    • Supplies and books from the media center
    • Musical scores (sheet music)
    • Musical instruments
    • Reference publications
    • Maps
    • Films, filmstrips, tapes, slides, photos
    • Computers and computer software and other electronic media
    • Recorders, projectors, cameras
    • Calculator
    • Any district property that is on loan to the student

    Definition of “Satisfactory Condition”

    Textbooks or other materials that are returned in comparable condition to the time they were issued to the student, allowing for ordinary wear.

    Who makes the decision on the condition of returned material?

    The principal or designee who is responsible for issuing or collecting the material is responsible for making the determination on the condition of the material based on replacement costs and depreciation.

    Procedure for issuing material:

    • All issued materials will be inscribed with a unique identifier.
    • The unique identifier, condition of material, date issued and name of student will be recorded.
    • Student will sign and date receipt for material indicating agreement of the condition of the material.
    • A copy of the document signed by the student will be sent to the parent/guardian.

    Procedure for return of material/item

    • Students and parents are informed of the procedure to return the material.
    • All materials should be returned to the issuing or designated staff member, if possible.
    • The staff member receiving returned material will record condition of material.
    • Student will sign and date receipt indicating return of material and a copy will be mailed home with the final report card.

    Determining and resolving obligations

    • If district material is returned and it is determined to be damaged, or beyond reasonable wear, fees will be assessed and student and parent notified in writing.
    • Fees for unreturned books or other materials will be based on replacement cost and on depreciation or age of the item.
    • The price list and depreciation schedule will be made available in the school’s main office.
    • Principal is responsible for notifying the student and parent in writing that fees are owed.
    • Parents should be informed that the final report card will be held for pick up from the school until the obligation is met or arrangements are made to meet the obligation.
    • Outstanding obligations must be resolved by June 30 of the current school year.

    Alternative arrangements to meet the obligation

    If materials are not returned or are returned in unsatisfactory condition, the principal may:

    • Seek an agreement with the parent or student to reimburse incrementally over an agreed upon period of time.
    • Accept a modified reimbursement due to hardship
    • Accept a reason given for non-return or non-payment involving hardship or other special circumstance.

    Consequences of unresolved obligations

    • Students will be prohibited from participating in non-educational, extra-curricular activities such as athletics, performing arts, etc.
    • Parents or 12th grade students (seniors) with outstanding obligations will be notified in writing that their student is prohibited from participating in senior activities such as prom and graduation ceremonies unless the obligation is resolved prior to the time of the events.
    • NO student shall miss instructional time nor will a student’s grade be affected due to outstanding obligations.
    • Unresolved obligations can be appealed to the appropriate level administrator.

    May 2012