School Messenger FAQs

  • SchoolMessenger

    What is SchoolMessenger?

    SchoolMessenger is a notification system that will allow the district and our schools to improve communications with parents. The system integrates with our student information system for the most up-to-date contact information, and in the future we will be looking at connecting it to the transportation system, food services, and perhaps Community Education & Recreation's management system as well. Schools can make automated and/or pre-recorded calls to families, send email messages home, and text messaging is another capability that we will consider implementing in the future.*

    How do I update my contact information in the system?

    Because SchoolMessenger is connected directly to our student information system, parents should contact each of their children's schools to request a phone or email address change.

    When will the system be used?

    Calls and email messages will be sent when school is closed due to weather or other reasons (power outage, etc.). When at all possible, we will alert families the evening before that school will be closed the next day; such calls will go out no later than 11pm. Unfortunately, there are many times when this is not possible (e.g. power outage, boiler/furnace out, and some weather closings); in these cases, calls will go out no earlier than 6am.

    Daily attendance calls will be made to homes of high school and middle school students with an unverified absence or who were marked tardy for at least one period that day. Attendance calls will be made at 6pm, Monday through Friday. The attendance calls do not differentiate between an absence or tardy; you can contact the school to determine what the specific attendance issue is, or you can log in to the PowerSchool parent portal and check your student's attendance record yourself.

    Schools can also use the system for general announcements. We have given schools guidelines on the use of the system so that it is not used too much as we understand that no families want to receive too many calls. Email messaging to families has been turned on and we anticipate that will be the main way that schools will use the system to communicate with families.

    What if I want to receive only email messages OR only phone calls?

    You do have the option of not receiving any phone calls, any emails, or both. Please note, however, that opting out of phone and/or email messages means that you will also not receive any emergency messages as well.

    If you would like to opt out of phone calls completely, send an email message to and request to have your phone numbers blocked and include all phone numbers you wish to have blocked from receiving calls (e.g. home phone, work phone, cell phone). Blocking occurs on a by-nunber basis so if both/all parents/guardians wish to opt out of calls, all relevant numbers should be included in the request.

    If you wish to opt out of receiving email messages completely, send an email message to and request to have your email address blocked from receiving messages. Email blocking occurs on a by-address basis so if both/all parents/guardians wish to opt out of email messages, all relevant email addresses should be included in the request.

    *I would like to receive text messages instead of calls. Can SchoolMessenger send text messages instead?

    While SchoolMessenger can send SMS text messages, we know that many families have to pay for text messages they receive to their phone so we did not want to implement the system with SMS messaging turned on by default. We realize that many people would prefer to receive text messages instead of phone calls, and we will be investigating if there is a way in which we could implement this feature for interested families without creating an unwanted financial burden for others.

    I accidentally clicked the "Unsubscribe" link in an email message I received from the system; how do I start receiving messages again?

    If you have mistakenly unsubscribed from messages via the link in an alert email message, send an email message to and request to have your email address unblocked from SchoolMessenger.

    I am receiving calls or email messages from the system and I don't have a child attending any of your schools. How do I get my number/email address off your list?

    If you are receiving calls mistakenly, please send an email message to, and include the phone number or email address where you are getting the mistaken notifications. We will follow-up with the school that has the incorrect information in PowerSchool and ask them to correct it so you no longer receive calls/messages.