Elementary Summer Adventure Games

  • Progam Description:

    The Summer Learning Institute Adventure Games are learning opportunities for students in grades Y5, K, 1, 2, 3, and 4 and were created to honor and leverage the knowledge, skills, and abilities that all families bring to student learning. The program’s ultimate goal is to engage students in new and exciting ways.  While students are learning, they will also be participating in a game!  Each adventure provides authentic learning connected to grade level goals and objectives with the opportunity to earn badges.

    historian detective ecologist
    Cool, huh? Students can earn up to 5 badges per adventure game!!!

    Program Dates
    The dates for Summer Adventure Games are:

    • Adventure Game 1: July 5th - July 9th
    • Adventure Game 2: July 12th - July 16th
    • Adventure Game 3: July 19th - July 23rd
    • Adventure Game 4: July 26th - July 30th

    Want to know more about each adventure? CLICK HERE!

    Families can participate in as many adventure games as possible! Typically students enjoy this programming and want to participate each week.

    Adventure Games - Invitation Only Program

    Selected students will be invited to participate in a full day version of Adventure Games as a support to their learning. Invitations are determined using achievement data, and families who receive invitations for their child will be contacted by their child’s teacher. 
    This enriching, remote programming will be offered as either an in-person or remote choice (note: we will do our best to fulfill in-person/remote choice requests but staffing and enrollment may factor in what can be offered). 

    Invite Details

    For questions, please reach out to the Summer Learning Institute Adventure Games principals!

    Bernard Bell, Valeska Bass, Laura Catalano
    Invitational Principals
    E-mail: SLIGroup1@aaps.k12.mi.us

    Rhonda Goodman, Administrative Assistant for Elementary Education: goodmanr@a2schools.org 

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