HS Summer School

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools HS Summer School Goals:

    The Summer School Program is a nurturing collaborative learning environment where we focus on improving all aspects of the instructional core to increase academic outcomes. Our priority will also be to maximize peer-to-peer collaboration to increase conceptual understanding and foster social-emotional learning. Students that participate in Summer School will experience learning in a nurturing face-to-face environment following the Super 6 Covid guidelines.  Students will have access to additional support to recover and reinforce learning concepts focused on individualized areas needing improvement. Connecting with ALL students and student success in the next course are the benchmarks of our program.

    Free for AAPS students. Enroll now for fall to take advantage of these summer options.

    Dates:  June 29, 2021, thru July 30, 2021 (No School Friday, July 2, 2021 - Holiday)

    • June 29, 2021 - Individual student-instructor meetings via zoom. Focus on Building Relationships and Connecting with Students:
      • Discuss Course/Student Expectations Needs
      • Discuss prior content knowledge and areas of improvement
      • Review Schedule of Course
      • How to submit an assignment
      • Review Schoology and in-person lesson format
      • Review Student Reflection Journal
    • June 30th, 2021 - Face-to-face instruction begins.

    Summer School Weekly Course Schedule 

HS Schedule
  • * July 30th is a half-day for all students.


    hsss bus schedule

    Connecting with Students:

    • Priority will be placed on connecting and building relationships with the student to reinforce culturally relevant pedagogical methods in the traditional learning environment. There are a variety of methods that will be used to connect with students enrolled in the High School Summer School Program.  

    Connecting with Parents:

    • Regular Parental contact is an important form of building relationships and reinforcing culturally relevant pedagogy. The High School Summer School Team will utilize a variety of methods to connect with parents of students enrolled in the High School Summer School Program.
      • Live Parent Meeting via Zoom
        • Recorded meetings and Presentations will be posted to the website.
      • Website - https://www.a2schools.org/summer
      • Schoology Student Gradebook Access for Parents - parents will have access to the grade book specific to their students in Schoology.
      • Weekly Student Progress Checkup - every Friday, phone calls or emails will be sent to parents of students that are not meeting progress in the High School Summer School Program.

    Michael Sumerton,
    Lead Principal


    Dr. Amina Allen,
    SS Programs Principal