Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad


    What is Science Olympiad?

    The Washtenaw Science Olympiad is a Science competition for 2nd thru 5th graders in Washtenaw County.  So far there are 29 schools registered.  All of the events involve teamwork, group planning, and cooperation. That is the real essence of the Science Olympiad. The main goal is to learn about science through active, hands-on, group participation. The Olympiad brings students, teachers, coaches, principals, business leaders, and parents together as they work towards this common goal and provides an alternative to the “isolated scientist” stereotype. Students will see that science can be fun, exciting, and challenging and the team spirit and good sportsmanship they develop will be beneficial throughout their lives.

    Watch this Quick Short Video to see a tournament day!


     When is Science Olympiad?

    The 20th Annual Science Olympiad Competition will be held at Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MI on 

    Saturday, May 13, 2023 

    There are many fun and exciting events returning this year!!  To find out more about 2022 Science Olympiad and the Event Descriptions, please visit the WESO website: https://wesoscience.org/ 

    Thanks to those parents and students who have already expressed their interest to join the Logan SciOly team. 

    Logan Science Olympiad is completely volunteer-driven and we appreciate your interest and involvement. Thanks in advance to all returning coaches. Your help and guidance is much appreciated. We especially want to welcome our new friends in 2nd grade. 


    Online Registration:

    All Grades:  https://forms.gle/rgceKeMaiwiaPSEg7 


    The first meeting of the Logan Science Olympiad 2023 team will be held on Wed, January 11th at 7:00 PM via Zoom


    Thinking About Coaching an Event??  

    Remember, as a coach, you determine your own practice schedules.  Practices can be held at Logan, homes, libraries, and other venues.  


    Logan SciOly 2023: Logan Executive Members

    Head Coach:  Tierra Jackson   LoganScienceOlympiad100@gmail.com 

    Event Supervisor:  Rebecca Neill-Totsuka

    2nd Grade Team Leader: NEEDED

    3rd Grade Team Leader: NEEDED

    4th Grade Team Leader: NEEDED

    5th Grade Team Leader: NEEDED



    LOGAN Science Olympiad Team Shutterfly Website: https://loganscienceolympiad.shutterfly.com/ 

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    2022 WESO Covid-19 Response and Risk Mitigation Plan:


    There are NO FORMS that need to be printed this year.    Once ready, WESO will send us electronic forms to be completed.


    Bridging Science and Fun!

    Tierra Jackson     Logan Science Olympiad Head Coach       LoganScienceOlympiad100@gmail.com