• Safety Town Video Links & Other Resources For Families

    We hope having an opportunity to view the videos and information we use during Safety Town will help you continue the conversations at home. Please let us know if any of the link do not work. Thanks so much. webmaster
     Video / Helpful link  Description
     Gun Safety  https://goo.gl/kDh11L Video we use with children “Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell a grownup.”
       http://besmartforkids.org/ Video we use with adults  
       http://goo.gl/8YKEmA Dateline video clip Young children touching guns


    Web article     How to have a pre-playdate "Gun Talk" with other moms
      https://goo.gl/lFBL7n   Web poster      

    Facts & Myths about Kids and Guns

     Video / Helpful link  Description Message
    Tricky People and Personal Safety  https://goo.gl/wj0ovo Video we use with children “Billy to the Bus”  What to do if a stranger offers you a ride
       https://goo.gl/8jcGsZ Video for families to view together "Daisy Tells a Secret” adults should not ask them to keep secrets from parents 
      http://bit.ly/1GcvlRu 10 Body Safety Rules PDF Play it safe rules for adults and kids
      http://goo.gl/QtU3oL Source for current stranger safety; click on Prevention Tips. The Red Flags & Safety Rules for Kids are really helpful.
     Tips for families:
    • Create a code / password that only the child and their parents know. If someone else tries to pick the child up and doesn’t know the family password, the child will know this isn’t a safe person to go with.

    • Have a “Safe List” of people that your family will allow your child to be picked up by and go home with. This is a good supplement to a “code word” in case of an emergency--and a close friend or relative is directed to pick up the child without the chance to learn the family password.


     Video / Helpful link  Description Message
    Bike Helmets   http://goo.gl/wfc34n Video for families to view together. “Buckle Bear” Helmet Safety Song & activities to reinforce bike safety.
    Dog Safety Dog Safety for Safety Town Children Letter to families   Review of what children learned at Safety Town Song to SING!
     Calling 911  https://goo.gl/UjwVbz Video for families to view together. "Cell Phone Sally,”  Easy as 911. Fun, pixar style.
        https://goo.gl/LYE6XV Video for families to view together. Landline Larry calling 911 + all styles of phones; what to say to 911 operator.

    Links for Water and Swimming Safety from Goldfish Swim School. Here and Here

    Song to help learn address, to the tune of Rain, Rain, Go Away:  My name is ______ _____.  And this is my address: 123 My street name, my city, Michigan.

    Song to help learn phone #, to the tune of Jingle Bells:       7 3 4 - 1 2 3- 4 5 6 7.      7 3 4 - 1 2 3- 4 5 6 7