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Carpenter Elementary Students Connect with Volunteers


Throughout the AAPS district, volunteers work with staff and students to make the school community stronger.  At Carpenter Elementary, four volunteers have been working with AAPS students to boost their literacy skills.


Carpenter Building Literacy Coach Tova Lentz shares her appreciation for these wonderful volunteers:

At Carpenter, we are grateful for our wonderful literacy support volunteers, Ms. Areesha, Ms. Kim, Mr. Rob, and Mr. Eric! They connect with students, supporting their decoding and comprehension. Students are happy to see their literacy volunteers each week, and many students ask when it will be their turn to read with a volunteer. We were glad to welcome Mr. Rob and Mr. Eric back to Carpenter this year, and to get to know Ms. Areesha and Ms. Kim as new-to-Carpenter volunteers. Between our four volunteers, many classrooms and students benefit, including two entire grade levels! Thank you, all, for all you do for our Carpenter community!”