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Burns Park Volunteer Shines



Imagine being a newly arrived refugee from Ukraine and going to school for the first time. You don’t speak the language and everything is new and different. How would you feel? This was Danylo’s experience as a newcomer student at Burns Park. Lucky for Danylo, the Burns Park team connected with Lena.  Lena is also Ukrainian and has a passion for helping kids like Danylo. Lena has been volunteering in Ms. Goodly’s 1st grade class at Burns Park since October.

Lena is a U-M student that comes to Burn’s Park 2-3 times a week and has been able to connect and communicate as a Bilingual Ukrainian tutor for Danylo.  Lena has worked with the Danylo individually, in small groups, and during whole class activities.  With Lena’s weekly volunteering and support, Danylo is no longer walking alone at recess or eating alone at lunchtime.  He’s talking more, forming friendships, and is completing school work.  


Ms. Goodly shares this appreciation of Lena:
My class appreciates Lena coming weekly to support our Ukrainian student, working with the class, and participating in school activities with us.”


Thank you, Lena, for bringing your skills, support and talent to Burns Park!