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Burns Park Volunteers Bring Compassion

Sandy Kreger, calls herself a “lucky 5th grade teacher” at Burns Park Elementary.  She has said the following of her volunteers this year:

Spaulding Clark:

Spaulding is very diligent.  He shows up consistently, and is willing to do anything I throw at him.  He is a gem.  We love Mr. Spaulding!”


Leo Shedden:

Mr. Shedden boosts the spirits and ego of a girl who is quite un-confident.  This girl has grown in self-esteem in general, and specifically, math confidence.  She tries the extra credit now, because of him.  We love Mr. Shedden!”


Rachel Weisglass:

Rachel has a way about her that completely disarms kids and helps ingratiate herself to them.  She is a team player, going from child to child, making herself helpful to all.  We love Rachel!”