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Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Tappan does not have a lot of space for traffic flow.  Therefore, please help us to use the space that we do have efficiently.  Our traffic pattern exists for the safety of our students.  Parents should follow the traffic flow by using the loop in front of the school for student drop-off and pick-up.  Pull forward along the loop as far as possible before letting your child exit the vehicle.  Be sure to drop your student at the curb side, do not allow your student to run between cars.   Please DO NOT park in the circle drive, or at the rear of the building.  Leaving your vehicle unattended in the loop will impede/prevent the flow of traffic.  If you need to park and come in, please park in the lot. You may also choose to drop off your child at the rear of the building, following the “one way” signs.

Additionally, we ask that parents do not use the west end of the building for dropping off and picking up.  Buses use the west drive to pick up and drop off students.  It creates a dangerous situation when parents drive by the buses. Traffic at the west end of the building can also prevent buses from entering and exiting the property in a timely manner. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the safety of Tappan students during drop-off and pick-up.

As you navigate the traffic flow, PLEASE be mindful that student safety is a primary concern. We ask that students, staff, and visitors cross the driveways at the designated crosswalks. Likewise, drivers need to respect the use of the crosswalks by not parking on them, as well as yielding to crossing students.