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Statement on the Florida School Shootings

heart graphic February 15, 2018

Hello AAPS Staff and Families,


Today, our hearts are broken with the news of yet another tragic school shooting and loss of life. This is the 18th such tragedy over these first few weeks of 2018. Our hearts go out to students and colleagues, families and the entire community of Broward County Public Schools as they deal with an unimaginable tragedy. I have reached out today to Superintendent Runcie in Broward to see what support we may offer them during this horrible time. 

As is true on every day of school in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, I want to emphasize that keeping our students safe remains our very top priority, even before our critical mission of teaching and learning. We take the responsibility of student safety very seriously. Our teachers, staff, and leaders are trained and safety protocols are in place in all of our classrooms and schools in the AAPS. Further, we are reminded that the most important component of our school and community safety plan is that every one of us must, whenever we 'see something, say something.'  Please reach out anytime you have concerns so that we can address issues immediately. 

Today, however, I am compelled to call for action beyond the scope of our own public school efforts. Shortly, I will be calling on my fellow School Superintendents from across the country to join together with me in demanding immediate action in support of our children. At the federal, state, and local level, we must see definitive action from our lawmakers and persons in positions of authority and responsibility to ensure that our children and the staff who care for them are safe on every day at school.  

Ensuring that our more than 50 million children are safe to learn and grow in our nation's classrooms is a commitment we must make, a promise we must keep. Together, we have the capacity to solve this problem and to prevent future tragedies. We must take action. Our children are counting on us. 

Thank you for your support of our 18,000 students and of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


Jeanice K. Swift

Superintendent of Schools