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2021 Fall Registration

Whether you’ve always wanted to plan for retirement, research family genealogy, or learn to knit, our adult enrichment classes have got you covered! Our helpful and insightful instructors are ready to help you learn more about your hobbies, embark upon a new stage of your life or simply learn something amazing that you never thought of before.

Our classes for Parents, Babies and Toddlers  expose your child to a variety of experiences while you connect with other parents. Explore FUN and engaging early childhood classes for birth to age 5.

Our after school programs are not only educational, they’re also loads of FUN!

Add pilates matwork, vinyasa flow and more to your daily routine this fall. Yoga classes help develop core strength, increase flexibility, improve posture, boost energy, and increase the mind-body connection.

Find your zen, feel the burn and get your heart pumping with a new fitness workout routine — at home, in-person, or on demand.

All fall Rec & Edclasses will be in-person, may be outdoors, and the AAPS Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols will be followed. The document contains an overview of the current prevention and mitigation strategies for Fall 2021. As information and guidance about Covid-19 changes, these strategies and levels of deployment art subject to change. The MOST up to date prescreening questionnaire for all participants can be found here.