Thursday, May 25th

Posted by Lindsey Szurek on 5/25/2023

Today is Thursday, May 25th.  On this day in 1935, an American track & field athlete named Jesse Owens set three World Records, and tied a fourth, at a track meet here in Ann Arbor!  The event was the Big Ten Track & Field Championships, and competing for Ohio State, Jesse Owens set 4 world records in the span of 45 minutes!  The track upon which Owens set these world records – Ferry Field – still stands.  If you visit, you can find a plaque commemorating Owens’ historic day.


Moon People in Acrylic                                       

In an example of life imitating art which was imitating life, I am pleased to announce that TODAY, Ms. Ray’s 4th Hour AP English class will be fingerpainting scenes from the critically acclaimed novel, Moon People, by Dale M. Courtney.  If you have not read Moon People, you can do so in Skyline’s new chained library.  If you do not know what a chained library is, Google it.  If you are unfamiliar with Moon People, please, Google it!


Smells Like Teen Spirit                           

The 2023 edition of teen spirit has arrived!  If you are interested in getting a copy, stop by the writing center to pick one up!  Thank you, Skyline, for all of your great submissions.


LAST CHANCE to Get a Cap & Gown!            

Seniors - If you are eligible to participate in Graduation, but you have not yet ordered a Cap and Gown, then CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You waited until the absolute, very last minute - a feat nearly impossible to orchestrate, and by all standards, completely and thoroughly insane!  But fortunately for you, there remains a mathematical possibility to pull this off!  If you need a Cap & Gown, run, don’t walk, to see Mrs. Tippett in the Innovation SLC Office.  Like…literally do it NOW!


Red, White, & Blue                       

In honor of Memorial Day, the Skyline Republican Club asks you to join us in showing off your patriotism by wearing red, white, and blue this Friday, which thankfully, is TOMORROW!


And This Is Why Monks Created Chained Libraries!          

Seniors - you MUST clear up all your obligations by next Thursday, June 1st, or you will NOT be given your cap & gown for graduation.  You must also turn in your Chromebook and charger by Just 1st, or you will NOT be given your cap & gown.


For all non-seniors, all obligations are due by the last day of school.  


The Pirates of Penzance             


Oh, better far to live and die

Under the brave black flag I fly,

Than play a sanctimonious part

With a pirate head and a pirate heart.


Skyline Theatre will be holding auditions for their fall production of "The Pirates of Penzance" next Tuesday, May 30th at 4PM in the Black Box Theatre.  Audition packets are available now in the main office, choir room, the Black Box Theatre, or on Skyline Theatre's website:  


Between the Floors                                                          

The Skyline Post has just uploaded their second "Between the Floors" reel on their instagram @theskylinepost.  This episode features senior Maddie Robbins.   Be sure to check it out on your phone though, because, as I just discovered, Instagram is blocked on all District devices and networks.  


WCC HBCU Day                                        


There is one week left to sign up for WCC’s HBCU Day on Friday, June 2nd.  


WCC HBCU Day will include:


Presentations about WCC HBCU Pathway

Presentations from our HBCU partners (Jackson State University, Central State University, Southern University New Orleans, Mississippi Valley State University, and more)


HBCU marching bands

Divine 9 Fraternity/Sorority Stroll Off

Music, food, giveaways, and much more

High school students will have the opportunity to apply to WCC


Skyline is organizing bus travel to this free fun day.  


There are 3 ways to sign up:

  1. Sign up in the CUBE
  2. See Ms. Bass on the 4th floor
  3. Scan a QR code on the WCC HBCU flyers around the school


Seriously…Google Moon People!                                

If you haven’t yet Googled Moon People, you don’t know what you’re missing!