Tuesday, June 6th

Posted by Lindsey Szurek on 6/6/2023

On Tuesday, June 6th, 1944, the Allied invasion of Normandy, which turned the tide of World War II, began in the pre-dawn hours of the cold, north Atlantic waters.  This historic invasion, known as D-Day, led to the liberation of France, and ultimately, to ending the war in Europe.  Let’s not forget the sacrifices of all those who fought and died all those years ago.


Return Your Library Books!                                              


If you currently have any books checked out from the Skyline Library - PLEASE, PLEASE return your book(s) TODAY!  If you would like to keep the book over the summer, please stop by and let the Librarians know.  If you do not return your library books or coordinate with the Librarians TODAY, it will delay your Registration process in August.


Keeping Up With The Class of 2023                                                     


What is the class of 2023 doing next year?  Who is taking a gap year?  What are the best Restaurants for Graduation Night?  Be sure to check The Skyline Post every day over the next week for our many special Graduation Issue articles, as well as all the end of year Skyline news.  Skylinepost.org


Bla Bla Blabligations!                                                                                   


Don’t forget, all your obligations must be cleared up by this Friday - the last day of school.


And Lastly…


And for the final morning announcement of the school year…


Next week, the Grim Wrecker will be having a bake sale to raise money for Ms. Ray’s 4th hour AP English class.  He will be selling sugarless sugar cookies in the Commons on Tuesday and Thursday.  Hope to see you there!