Vivacious Vocabuarly

Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 12/5/2015

  One of my goals this year was to ensure the integration of vocabulary was interwoven everyday so our kiddos are always paying attention to language and its nuances. Therefore, I introduce our young scholars to words that appear with high frequency across a variety of subject areas as well as words related to specific areas of study, for example, science or math terms. We refer to these words as the Word of the Day! Each new word and definition is used throughout the day to signal transitions and is recorded in your child’s planner.

After 25 words are introduced, we celebrate and affirm our knowledge on Wear A Word Day. On this day, each scholar is assigned one the 25 words to wear throughout the day. Not only do you have to know the meaning of your word, the challenge is to know meaning of everyone’s word.

This new and improve way to integrate language has kept everyone on their toes. One of the benefits is when a student finds the Word of the Day in text or conversation and says, “Hey, Mrs. Ross that’s one of our Words of the Day!"