R is for Research

Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 12/14/2015

R is for Research

For our Research Project we will be integrating health, reading, writing, and technology to create an ABC book created to inform. 

ABC Books are written to present information in a unique and interesting format. As a class, we will publish our own ABC Book to teach others information about Health and how to stay healthy. The purpose of our book will be to convey information accurately, clearly, in an interesting format to teach younger students about living in a healthy way.

 A is for Assignment:

For this project, you will be assigned (at random) a letter of the alphabet. Once you have been assigned a letter, you will begin the research process.

      1.You will need to research some aspect of Health that begins with the letter you have been assigned. This will become the focus of your project. If              you are assigned the Letter “H,” you cannot simply use the term Health. That is much too broad. Your topic should relate to keeping healthy or l                living in a healthy way. Finally, if you have a similar topic to a classmate, you must be sure you share new information.

  1. You will be responsible for an entire page in our class book. Your page must include a domain specific word, an image, and a paragraph about the topic you have chosen. Mrs. Ross must approve all topics before you begin your research.

Q is for Question

   Where to begin? Begin with a question after you have your topic.

  • How would this information keep you healthy?
  • Why would I need to know this information?
  • What is important about this information?

P is for Paragraph

This is a HUGE part of your grade.

  1. Your paragraph must start with your letter of the alphabet and what the letter stands for, an example - Y is for Yoga
  2. Your paragraph must be at least 5 sentences.
  3. You must put the information into your own words; do not plagiarize.
  4. Write with complete sentences and of course capitals and periods.
  5. The goal is to inform.


F is for Format

After your draft  your paragraph, you will be able to access your Google Slide. We will use Jerry Pallotta’s The Beetle Alphabet book as a template. Each slide needs:

  1. The letter of the Alphabet must be a bold font
  2. The picture selected supports the meaning behind your message
  3. A colorful background that is pleasing to the eye
  4. The paragraph written somewhere on the page. 

S is for Sources

Once you have found your topic, you will need to begin collecting notes in your writer’s notebook. You are required to find information from at least two different sources before writing your paragraph. There are many different sources available to you, magazines, books, and of course the Internet.

We will be citing our sources.

I have located a few electronic sources to help you to get started, but there are many more.






R is for Rubric

We will use a rubric to evaluate our paragraphs and final product!

P is for Presentation

At the end of this project we will present to our first grade buddies. 

C is for Cover

If you are done early, you can work to create a title and cover for our class book. This will be submitted electronically. We will vote on the best cover.