Book Talks

Posted by JACLYN ROSS on 1/31/2016

Book Talks


How do we spread excitement about what we are reading? One way is through a book talk. If you use use the analogy of a movie trailer, and connect it to the purpose of a book talk you can see it is to "sell" the book. The recipe is easy.

First, read the book of course! Find a passage from the story to highlight author’s style.

Add a brief summary using the template; somebody…wanted… but… so. To help the audience understand the problem the character faces. Remember to never to give away the ending.

Finally, end your book talk with questions that will surely be answered only if you read the book. 

The main purpose of a book talk is to grab the audience's interest and make them want to read the book. Book talks are a great way to foster reading, writing, speaking and listening!