October 29, 2018 - #A2gether in the AAPS

hand & world flags, a-together graphic

Hello AAPS Community,
We head back to school on this Monday in the midst of national tragedy, as we have on too many other heartbreaking mornings following mass shootings - devastating events in Charlottesville, at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida, in Las Vegas, on last Valentine's Day at Parkland - among so many others.
We know that it is more important than ever for us to come together, to care for ourselves and each other, and to reach out to those who are hurting. These are challenging times, and in response we must deepen our commitment to the core values of welcome, respect and embrace for ALL among us, care for each other and for this Ann Arbor community we share together.
We know the impact of the escalation of racial, ethnic and other aggressions also seeps into our classrooms, schools, and community. We understand that the situations of this previous week may cause some to feel even further marginalized and fearful, some perhaps more emboldened in intolerant ideology, and so many of us more discouraged and overwhelmed than before.
Let's commit to remain close in our communication, connection and care with each other, so that all in the AAPS feel the support of being #A2gether against hate or intolerance of any kind, engaged in warm welcome, embrace and support of ALL our students, staff, and families in the AAPS community. If you or someone you know needs assistance, it is important to let an adult at school know.
Please continue to reach out, to let us know how we can best support you as we move through these challenging days together.
We are #A2gether,