February 13, 2020 - School Counselor Appreciation

National School Counselor Recognition

Thank You, AAPS Counselors!

Dear AAPS Colleagues,

Each February, we have the opportunity to honor and express appreciation to our Ann Arbor Public Schools counselors for the tremendous and important role they play in supporting our students. 

Our school counselors work in professional partnerships with teachers, staff, administrators, and community partners, serving as an integral part of a strong team in reducing barriers to learning and providing the additional support necessary for students to achieve at the highest levels.

The National School Counseling theme for 2020 is:

"School Counselors: Helping Build Better Humans"  

The dedication to student achievement, child advocacy, mental health, safe schools, multiculturalism and diversity, human rights, parent and family involvement, social and emotional development, college and career planning, as well as community collaborations and partnerships are only some of the many ways school counselors enhance our school district and community. The unique contribution school counselors provide day in and day out positively builds, supports and shapes the lives of our students.

As Superintendent of Schools, on behalf of the entire AAPS team, and along with the Board of Education, we express appreciation to all our AAPS school counselors.  We are so very proud of the tremendous role they play every day in helping our students achieve personal and school success as well as plan for the future. 

Thank You, Counselors! 

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