February 10, 2020 - NAAPID Celebration Day

Hello AAPS Team,

Thank you for your leadership, planning, and efforts to coordinate a wonderful 25th Anniversary NAAPID Celebration across the AAPS today!

We can already see your plans and celebrations emerging on Twitter under the hashtag #NAAPID20 and they look truly wonderful.

Please continue to post your photos, video and news to the hashtag #NAAPID20 and our communications team will be sharing these even more widely throughout this great day and over this week.

We all look forward to sharing, both in person and via social media, in the beautiful celebrations going on across our AAPS schools.

More About NAAPID:

Launched by our own Mr. Joe Dulin in 1995, this day observes National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID)*. Inspired by the Million Man March, this observance was created to encourage parents to begin practicing the goals of NAAPID, which include:

  • Promote African American parent involvement in their child's education.
  • Promote and provide strategies for African American parents and students to take full advantage of the educational process at all levels of the educational system (preschool through post secondary).
  • Identify and develop partnership efforts between all sectors of the community (business, school, home etc.).
  • Create a national network on the state and local levels to achieve the mission and goals of NAAPID.
  • Offer educational workshops, seminars and institutes relating to parental involvement and eliminating the achievement gap.
  • Establish an annual National African American Parent Involvement Day celebration on the second Monday in February.
    (* This information is adapted from the African American Registry webpage).

Tonight's Celebration:

A reminder, as we have shared prior in the AAPS Weekly Update, this evening, Feb 10th, the Washtenaw NAAPID at Night student talent showcase will be held at 6 pm (reception with light refreshments begins at 5 pm) at the WCC Towsley Auditorium in the Morris Lawrence Building. The event is free and open to the public.

Special congratulations to AAPS student Erin Kawata, Bach 3rd grader, who created a winning poster design in the Washtenaw NAAPID competition this year. She is among other AAPS students who will be recognized at this evening's event.

Thank you again for your excellent work to engage with our students, parents and community today, and I wish you a great start to this February week,

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