February 28, 2020 - Dr. Robert E. Anderson

Hello Ann Arbor Public Schools Staff and Students, Parents and Community,

In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, student safety remains our top priority and all matters of student safety are taken very seriously.

Since becoming aware of the reference to the Ann Arbor Public Schools in recent media reporting involving Dr. Robert E. Anderson dating to the mid-1960s, the district immediately investigated, reviewed state and district records, and found no evidence that the physician was employed within the school system.

While no records confirm that Dr. Anderson served as a volunteer in the school system, what is important is that if any student - past or present - has experienced a troubling event with any district volunteer or employee that they immediately contact the district or law enforcement.

In the AAPS, when any student expresses a concern, we immediately investigate those issues while providing additional support as needed and requested.

In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, we remain committed to providing an excellent educational experience for every student within our community.


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Jeanice Kerr Swift

Superintendent of Schools

Ann Arbor Public Schools