March 11, 2020 - Coronavirus Update

Hello AAPS Community,

Governor Whitmer shared the news overnight of the first two COVID-19 cases in Michigan and has declared a State of Emergency. The declaration of a State of Emergency means that necessary actions can be taken and resources can be deployed more rapidly in support of this situation.

We understand that schools have an important role to play in promoting public health and a responsibility in preventing the spread of disease in the local community, and we take this role and responsibility very seriously. As the Governor and public health experts have shared, our goal at this time is to slow the spread of the virus, not to stop it. We understand that this situation is likely to impact almost every aspect of our lives as we move forward together.

At this time, all AAPS after-school activities and events will be cancelled through the end of this week.

Child Care, Rec & Ed and Athletics events will continue for this time, though updated guidelines will be forthcoming regarding how those activities may proceed.

We are working today on the challenges of Rec & Ed and Athletics and more detailed information and guidance will follow. 

We will be in touch shortly with additional information regarding school events that are scheduled for the week of March 16th and beyond.

Parents of students at increased risk for severe illness should discuss with their health care provider whether those students should stay home in case of school or community spread. Similarly, AAPS staff at increased risk for severe illness should contact their health care provider to discuss their options for reducing risk. 

Over previous days, members of our AAPS team and I have been preparing for a more significant phase of this COVID-19 situation, and currently we are working vigilantly, communicating directly with disease experts and public health authorities to prepare to make sound decisions regarding the timing and steps involved in any potential activity-related, school or district closures.

In addition, we will alert students, staff, and parents if we receive health department direction related to a COVID-19 case connected to the AAPS.

The health and safety of students and staff always remain the single top priority in the AAPS, even before our critical mission of teaching and learning.

This is a challenging time for all as this local COVID-19 situation evolves, and we will remain clear on our priority of safety and health, and continue our focused work on this issue. As a community, we will get through this together.

We will continue to publish updates to the entire AAPS community, and you can find more information including links to traveling and self-quarantine, how to speak with your children about the coronavirus and CDC and Washtenaw County Public Health updates on the AAPS website


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Jeanice Swift