May 1, 2020 - School Lunch Hero Day

Hello AAPS Community,

I know you will want to join me tomorrow, on Friday, May 1st, as we enthusiastically celebrate and extend our deepest appreciation for our frontline AAPS School Lunch Superheroes.

The first Friday in May each year is School Lunch Hero Day, and especially this year, our food and nutrition team have risen to the challenge to achieve the status of superheroes among our AAPS team. This team has prepared and distributed more than 175,000 meals at 17 locations in the AAPS, providing 7 days of balanced breakfasts and lunches each week and extending critical food and nutrition support to approximately 2,000 AAPS students and their families over these 7 weeks of our COVID building closure.

This impressive superhero team numbers more than 80 participants, including Victoria Davis and Chartwell’s team, Ed Gallagher and the Durham Transportation Services team, and AAPS team distribution and delivery volunteers including principals, teachers, nurses, social workers and others.

This work is about much more than food; for these individuals, it’s about commitment, care, and connection. During this time of crisis, members of these teams have nurtured relationships with students and families, so much so that they regularly follow up to check in to ensure that our students have what they need at home and to offer additional support as needed.

student note image This beautiful note was left by two of our students to share their appreciation for their food delivery person: 

On this Friday, and on every day, we salute these superheroes among our AAPS team who work hard to achieve our goal of ensuring quality food and nutrition support for our students and their families each day.

With Our Deep Gratitude,

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Jeanice K. Swift
Superintendent of Schools