February 23, 2021 - Statement from the Superintendent & BOE

Announcement from the AAPS Board of Education and Superintendent Jeanice Swift

We’re pleased to share with the community that significant progress has been made over recent days on our months-long effort to achieve rapid COVID-19 testing and ensuring staff has access to vaccines, supporting a healthy and safe reopening of our Ann Arbor Public Schools. 

We are excited to welcome Michigan Medicine and IHA as partners in vaccination efforts. Major vaccination events will take place this weekend in the Ann Arbor area to make significant progress on offering vaccines to Washtenaw County teachers and staff. Particular focus will be given to our staff connected to Phase 1 of the in-school hybrid option. 

In addition to the vaccines, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services now permits AAPS to expand rapid testing for students and staff in our school buildings. 

Since the January announcement that K-12 educators would be eligible for vaccination, we have been disappointed that Washtenaw County has lagged behind other counties in achieving these critical goals. This promising turn of events is the result of the advocacy work of many. 

Certainly, this news will inform the recommendation the Board of Education will consider tomorrow at our meeting, now scheduled at noon.

Thank you to US Representative Debbie Dingell, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Senator Jeff Irwin, State Representatives Felicia Brabec, Donna Lasinski, Ronnie Peterson, Yousef Rabhi and advocates from across our community.  We are grateful for their work with the Governor’s team to resolve the issues that delayed getting vaccines to K-12 staff across Washtenaw County compared to communities across the rest of the state.

We recognize the distress this situation has caused for our AAPS community, particularly the members of our community that have been most heavily impacted by the pandemic. 

Clearly, the developments with regards to timely testing and vaccination prove a game-changer for a healthy and safe reentry to our AAPS school buildings.