October 8, 2021 - Superintendent's Update

AAPS lead, care, inspire graphicHello AAPS Students and Staff, Parents and Community,

As we move through these weeks of October, we are grateful for our students and teachers, support staff and leaders, parents, families and community, for all your extraordinary work to successfully sustain our fully open schools this fall. 

To get a quick glimpse into one of our schools, check out 2 minutes at A2STEAM, one in our series sharing insights into the tremendous work going on in our schools this fall. 

We know the steps we each take make all the difference to keep our students, staff and schools as healthy and safe as possible. However, current challenges continue during this fall of 2021, and it is important to acknowledge this reality today.

A Fall Superintendent Update video and full-text update may be viewed here

Summary Highlights of Superintendent Update (2 min read)

For those with limited time, this brief section contains the salient points from the lengthier full-text Superintendent update that follows and can stand alone as the weekly update. 

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AAPS COVID Weekly Update

Our students, teachers and school teams continue to do an excellent job of following the Super Six AAPS COVID mitigation strategies. Our nurse and school teams manage case identification and contact tracing efforts thoroughly and consistently each day in collaboration with the Washtenaw County Health Department. 

We notify school communities of cases as they are confirmed and also update the AAPS COVID Case Dashboard every Friday. 

Over the past week, we have experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases across the district. Our weekly AAPS COVID-19 Case Dashboard, updated today, reports 50 cases involving 23 schools and district locations. The majority of these cases are among students. 

This week, we continue to see significant transmission in our community, and unfortunately, we have evidence of school transmission in some locations. As an update on Pittsfield Elementary, the Washtenaw County Health Department has determined that some cases meet the definition of “school outbreak.” In short, a School Outbreak’ is: three cases within a subset of school-associated cases where the most likely place of exposure is determined to be the school setting or a school-sanctioned extracurricular activity. 

It is more important than ever for students and staff to remain home when experiencing COVID symptoms. In the cases we are seeing, vaccinated students and adults continue to be far less impacted by illness. It is clear that our high levels of vaccination in the AAPS provide substantial protection; we appreciate all who have been vaccinated and continue to strongly urge all who qualify to obtain a vaccination.

You may want to review an AAPS Clarification on Quarantine and other COVID topics shared earlier this week. 

For the most up-to-date AAPS protocols throughout the school year, please visit the AAPS COVID Health and Safety Protocols located on the district homepage (last updated Friday, Sept. 25). 

Our schools are open, and this represents progress. In a COVID era, our students, teachers and staff learning and growing together in schools represent a tremendous step forward. In the actions we each take every day, we demonstrate our care and commitment to our children, to each other, to our Ann Arbor community and to our shared future. 

Thank you for your support of our students and staff, the Ann Arbor Public Schools and this wonderful Ann Arbor community. 


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Jeanice K. Swift
Superintendent of Schools 
Ann Arbor Public Schools