October 27, 2021 - No Classes Day in the AAPS on Monday, November 1st.

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Monday, November 1, 2021 - A No Classes Day in the AAPS

Hello AAPS Students, Staff, Parents and Community, 

It has been a joyous time over these first eight weeks of school as we have opened our classrooms and schools fully to in-school learning this fall. Our students and staff are happy to be back together learning in school, and students, teachers, staff and leaders are settling into the rhythms of school, showing care and building relationships within our school communities each day.  

In order to confidently and safely staff our buildings every day we are open for classes, and to provide some relief during this demanding fall for our students and staff, next Monday, November 1, 2021, will be a day off of classes for all students and staff. 

This coming Monday, between Halloween weekend and the scheduled Tuesday Election Day school holiday, is a day when student and staff attendance is traditionally lower. We understand this situation will be exacerbated during this COVID time, and full staffing of operations for that day will present a significant challenge. 

As a proactive measure and in the interest of providing a small respite for students and staff, schools, families and the community, we will observe Monday, November 1st as a ‘no classes’ day for the AAPS. 

The Superintendent announcement concludes here; more information follows for those who would like additional context. 


As we are all aware, this fall continues as an arduous time of challenge with concerns surrounding COVID and the important steps required each day to keep ourselves and others healthy and safe. Our critical work to ensure students are supported and cared for through this time place additional responsibility on every member of our AAPS community. These realities of the fall COVID return impact every part of our organization. 

We continue to be concerned and focused on supporting our school and district teams that are stretched thin, addressing daily staffing challenges across all job categories in the organization, as well as shoring up all components of system operations. The strains of this fall return are not unique to the Ann Arbor Public Schools; they are pervasive in school districts and communities across the country. 

Our students, teachers, school teams, parents and community are all working incredibly hard together, making sacrifices every day to sustain the successful opening of our schools. We are making progress, despite the challenges we face. We will continue to work hard, and we will move through this challenging time to see better days ahead.

I understand that this adjustment in schedule comes with short notice of only a few days, and I apologize for any distress this decision may cause for our families. However, sharing notice of this adjustment ahead of the weekend and in time for families to coordinate a plan is far better than an over-the-weekend or last-minute morning notification.

We are making progress together in sustaining this opening of our Ann Arbor Public Schools. The current strains we are experiencing do not diminish the joy and learning occurring across our vibrant classrooms and the critical importance of having our students and staff together in school every day we can safely do so. The continuing challenges we are experiencing are evidence of a deeper realignment across our wider community and societal system and the complex concerns and changes that this fall return represents. 

We are determined, we will continue to work hard, and together we will move through this challenging time. We are stronger when we work together. This schedule adjustment for next Monday will provide a solid next step in the process. I appreciate your understanding, patience and support as we navigate the challenges of this fall together. 


Jeanice K. Swift
Superintendent of Schools 
Ann Arbor Public Schools