November 12, 2021 - National School Psychology Week

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National School Psychology Week
November 8 - November 12, 2021

We appreciate our AAPS School Psychologists every day, and want to share a special shout out during this National School Psychology Week. Schools throughout the U.S. recognize November 8th through 12th as National School Psychology Week, highlighting the important work of school psychologists - to help all students develop essential academic and social-emotional skills.

The theme for 2021 is "Let’s Get in GEAR." The theme’s acronym encourages us to grow, both personally and professionally, to engage in best practices and to advocate for our students’ access to support for mental health and learning. Finally, to rise, signifies renewal and resilience despite past challenges. This message is especially relevant for 2021 as school psychologists work side-by-side with teachers, administrators and staff to assist students, families and AAPS personnel to navigate another very challenging year. When we get in gear, one gear begins to move and those connected to it move as well. As we work and grow, we engage in this critical mission to advocate and rise together.

Our AAPS School Psychologists are particularly skilled at helping students and staff in growing, working, and learning together while shifting into different gears to meet the continued, unusual demands of school and life during a pandemic.  Getting in GEAR together can help us set and achieve goals for growth, engage in next steps, advocate for needs and raise voices to create connections necessary for students to develop critical social-emotional and academic skills.

We appreciate and celebrate our wonderful AAPS School Psychologists who serve our students, families and staff.  We thank you for your expertise, and the professional commitment, care and connections you provide for our students and our AAPS community.