March 18, 2022 - Next Steps: Moving Forward in the AAPS

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Next Steps: Moving Forward in the AAPS

Over the coming weeks of this spring, we will share information to update you on the action-oriented next steps we are planning to move forward in the AAPS during 2022. We have learned a great deal during this pandemic time. We will leverage the understandings we have gained, innovate, mobilize critical resources, and take needed steps to serve our students and staff, families and community well in 2022 and into the future.  

Next Step Announcement: Addition of Elementary Counselor/SocialWorker

In recognition of the significant need for critical counselor/social work support for the well-being of our elementary students, beginning during the 2022-23 school year, the AAPS will add a full-time counselor or social worker at each elementary campus to provide social-emotional growth and counseling support for students and school teams. 

These positions will be posted soon. We look forward to connecting with passionate and committed mental health professional candidates who are called to work in support of children as we build a world-class Ann Arbor Public Schools elementary counseling team. This team will further serve our children and enhance the AAPS educational experience through a ‘whole child’ support learning experience. 

Importance of School Counselors

School counselors play an important role in ensuring that students have excellent educational experiences. Counselors and social workers are part of a school support team, providing essential social-emotional and student well-being support so students may improve their learning and growth and gain the personal and social skills necessary to achieve confidence and success both at school and in life. The important roles of the school counselor and social worker have never been more critical than they are now as our students grow and learn beyond these two years of the pandemic. 

In the AAPS, students benefit from caring and committed professional counselor and social worker teams. Specifically, students are served by three counselors at each middle school, seven counselors at comprehensive high schools, and two counselors each at K8 and small high school campuses. 

Unfortunately, elementary schools in the AAPS have not had counseling/social work support beyond those services provided to meet IEP learning plans. 

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