March 23, 2022 - Update on AAPS Extended Day Program

AAPS lead, care, inspire graphicNext Steps: Moving Forward in the AAPS 2022

We are moving forward in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2022. Over the coming weeks of this spring, we will share information to update you on action-oriented next steps we are planning to increase support for students and in response to feedback from our students, staff, families and community. We will innovate, mobilize critical resources and take needed steps to serve our students and staff, families and community well as we move forward during 2022.  

Last week we shared the next step of adding counselor/social work positions at the elementary level, and you can learn more about that effort here.

Next Steps 2022 Update: AAPS Extended Day Program Update

We are proud to have continued a decades-long commitment in the AAPS, offering quality before and after-school programming at all elementary and K8 schools over many years. While we had to take a step back during the pandemic time, this commitment to serving our students and families with quality before and after-school programs will continue during 2022 and into the future.


Like many organizations, the AAPS has experienced a significant realignment in the workforce, impacting staffing to support the extended day before and after-school programs during this past year. This labor force shortage has dramatically diminished the number of before and after-care candidates available for positions. This labor impact continues and reflects a much ‘bigger picture;’ experts note that more than 9,000 childcare positions are currently vacant in Michigan. 

Current Progress

Because of dedicated staff and as a result of diligent work, we have successfully offered five AAPS before and after-school programs and hosted three additional long-serving partner providers in our schools, sustaining before and after-school programs at eight schools through this current school year.  We have also added quality enrichment classes to support students and families with extended day programming, and more than 2,000 registrations have occurred for these enrichment classes.

I want to share our deepest gratitude for the AAPS before and after-school program crew; Zac, Danielle, Emily, Amy, and the entire team of 23 individuals, along with Ms. Bacolor, have sustained before and after-school programming through this challenging time. We commend these individuals as they have continued to care for our students and serve families every day this school year. 

During this 2021-22 school year, we have taken significant steps to realign the before and after-care positions to attract candidates, including increasing the hourly pay rate and offering sign-on and retention bonuses.  As a result of these efforts, the five AAPS before and after-school programs have been sustained through this school year. 

Next Steps in 2022

Alongside the primary academic mission of the AAPS, Preschool through 12th grade, we will continue our longstanding AAPS commitment to support students and families with quality extended day programming, including extended day before and after-school care and extended day enrichment classes. 

Recently, we have worked to further redesign some before and after-care positions to make them even more attractive to a wider set of candidates. We are currently taking steps to include additional daytime hours of duty providing support (lunch and recess supervision) in the school during the day in order to achieve some 30-hour-per-week positions that would also include benefits. In addition to these 30-hour positions, the AAPS will also continue to offer the part-time positions we have had posted throughout this past year. 

During the coming months of April through July, we will engage in a full-court press effort to add additional before and after-school program staff in preparation for the 2022-23 school year.

We will reestablish before and after-school programs in schools, step by step, as we are able to successfully hire staff for school programs.

We will share regular updates with our parents and school communities on the progress of this important work. When we are able to confirm staff for a school, we will confirm the school program through an announcement. We will continue diligent work toward reestablishing programming across elementary and K8 schools in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.  

We invite all in our Ann Arbor community who love to serve children and families and want to be a part of our AAPS team to apply for before and after-school program positions. 

You may view a more thorough update on the AAPS Extended Day Programs, including before and after-school care and after-school enrichment classes, here