May 2, 2022 - Teacher Appreciation

AAPS lead, care, inspire graphicNational Teacher Appreciation Week
May 2 - May 6, 2022

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. 

Hello AAPS Teachers,

A quality teacher makes all the difference in student growth and learning, both today and across the arc of a child’s development and life. Our students benefit tremendously from their learning experiences in our classrooms under the guidance of our extraordinary Ann Arbor Public Schools teachers.

Teachers, you make a remarkable and profound difference for our students each day in significant, inspiring ways. Our respect and gratitude continue to deepen for the role our teachers fulfill in persevering, overcoming extraordinary obstacles to achieve our critical mission to care for, connect and serve our students and families, especially during these two very challenging years in schools. 

Steps We Can Take During Teacher Appreciation Week This Year

During this Teacher Appreciation Week, I hope that you will take a moment to reach out to extend your gratitude and support to a valued teacher. I hope you can also pause to hear the voices of teachers. This recording, What Teachers Really Want for Teacher Appreciation Week in 2022, is an especially insightful and timely resource.  

As well, consider signing this pledge to support the critical changes that educators, students and communities really need, including higher pay, addressing the educator shortage, mental health support for educators and students alike and respect for the profession they love. Educators deserve to have their voices heard, trusted and supported by their school and wider communities all year round, beyond this designated appreciation week. 

To our AAPS teachers: the power of your daily connections, care and compassion for students nurtures strong relationships and transformative learning and growth for students. We are all inspired as you continue to demonstrate that the classroom is much more than a physical location; connections and learning extend far beyond the physical walls of the school and into the lives of students, their families and our Ann Arbor community. 

During this Teacher Appreciation Week and every week in the AAPS, we celebrate you, our teachers. The unmistakable impact of your remarkable work extends beyond today, transcends the limits of space and time and gives us all hope for brighter days ahead. 

Teaching is an act of love.
We teach who we are - our values, character; 
our identity shows up wherever we show up - 
and the act of teaching requires love and is a loving act. 
-Richard Haynes - NYC Men Teach

With Much Gratitude,

Jeanice K. Swift
Superintendent of Schools