June 17, 2022 - Bryant - Pattengill Redesign Process

Hello Bryant-Pattengill Community, 

As we wrap up this 2021-22 school year, we wanted to reconnect to update you on progress and highlight the next steps in the school redesign process underway at Bryant-Pattengill. 

Over recent years, despite COVID impacts, we have made significant progress in the following planned areas of the Bryant-Pattengill redesign:

  • opened a Bryant-Pattengill preschool program, 
  • completed extensive physical school building improvements at both campuses, 
  • we continue the work to ensure our Bryant-Pattengill students learn in culturally affirming and responsive classrooms, and 
  • we are excited to move forward this Fall 2022 to begin the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Program, preschool through 5th grade; this program implementation spans a three-year process. 

We have made progress in many areas, and we will look forward to engaging in conversation this fall with the Bryant-Pattengill staff, parents and community about our next steps together in the school redesign process. As a preview of our engagement next fall and for your information, below is a summarized update on the progress so far in the Bryant-Pattengill redesign. 

Wishing you a wonderful and safe summer, 

Jeanice K. Swift
Superintendent of Schools 

Matt Hilton
Executive Director Elementary

Jamar Humphrey
Bryant Principal

Taneia Giles
Pattengill Principal 

Bryant - Pattengill Redesign Process: Summary Update on Progress

June 15, 2022

Following an extensive parent, staff and community engagement process, the Board of Education approved the enhancement of the Bryant - Pattengill schools Bryant Pattengill ReEnvision Plan 2020-21, in June 2019, and subsequently, Bryant Pattengill Phase 2 Renovations, approved January 2020. These plans provided for significant improvements to the Bryant-Pattengill school physical properties and implementation of enhanced programming for the schools featuring opening a preschool program at Bryant and the transition to an International Baccalaureate P5 program across both schools.   

Bryant - Pattengill Preschool Program

As a part of the school redesign, two new preschool classrooms were designed and constructed during 2020, and since Fall 2020, Bryant elementary school has offered a quality preschool program, including Head Start opportunities for three and four-year-old students. 

Next Step 2022: 

In the fall of 2022, an additional preschool classroom is anticipated to open so that two preschool classrooms will be in place to serve our Bryant-Pattengill students moving forward. 

Physical Enhancements

As planned and approved by the Board, extensive physical property improvements, representing an approximate $7.6 million dollar investment, have been completed at both Bryant and Pattengill during 2019 - 2021, including:   


  • Exterior - landscape improvements, new entrance sunshade, new sign
  • Lobby - skylight, lighting, ceiling, painting and flooring
  • Media Center - new open ceiling, skylights, glass walls, lighting and painting
  • Collaboration Space –create a new collaboration space from the existing daycare room, including a new open ceiling, skylights, glass walls, lighting, wet wall, electrical, furnishings, flooring and painting
  • Hallways – remove mid-hallway doors, patch and paint
  • Gymnasium – acoustical panels and improved lighting
  • Core Classrooms – completed renovation, including new windows in expanded openings, lights, floors, cabinets, paint, shades and ceilings - maintain current air conditioning
  • Preschool Classrooms - renovation to prepare two classrooms for the preschool population
  • Solar - added solar array on the roof


  • Exterior - metal roof replacement
  • Lobby - flooring, lights, clean brick, display cases and painting
  • Cafeteria - painting to 10’ high
  • Collaboration Space – create a new collaboration space, including a new open ceiling, skylights, glass walls, lighting, wet wall, electrical, furnishings, flooring and painting
  • Gymnasium – refinish floor, paint and wall pads
  • Media Center – patch and paint ceiling
  • Core Classrooms – complete renovation, including lights, floors, cabinets, paint, shades and ceilings
  • HVAC – add air conditioning to all classrooms and generate additional power needs with solar panels
  • Solar - added solar array on the roof
  • Roof - major roofing project on 75% of the building
  • Driveway - minor repairs to the rear driveway to the service area

Land Acquisition: In December 2019, the Board approved the purchase of the land ($637,500) adjacent to the Bryant property, and the AAPS closed on this property in September 2020. The goal is to improve the entrance to the Bryant property, allowing for future additional access to the campus from Ellsworth and supporting improved safety by providing multiple entrances (dedicated bus and auto) to the property. 

Next Step: The additional entrance to the Bryant property from Ellsworth will be planned and constructed with projected completion during 2024; a more specific timeline will be clarified in Fall 2022. 

Transition to a P5 International Baccalaureate School

National research data demonstrate the effectiveness of the International Baccalaureate program with African American students, students from poverty, and immigrant and second language students, both in P12 school outcomes, as well as in postsecondary outcomes.  

The Bryant-Pattengill IB program will serve as an important school in the AAPS IB continuum program, continuing at Scarlett Middle School and Huron High School. 

The IB authorization requires a minimum of three years of process work, training and engagement with the school team and community. Year one of that process (2022-2023) is the ‘consideration’ year and is a time for the school staff and community to become knowledgeable about the process of becoming an International Baccalaureate World School and includes the step of aligning the school mission statement with that of the IB Organization. 

Next Step 2022: This fall, Bryant-Pattengill will enter year one of a three-year process to become a fully authorized International Baccalaureate School. 

In summary, the goal of the school re-envision is, as shared in a discussion among parents, “to ensure Bryant-Pattengill features a rigorous school environment grounded in joy, equity and love.”

Since the creation of the Bryant-Pattengill Super-Pair ‘two-schools, one community’ in September 1986, the AAPS committed to orchestrating a culturally, racially and socioeconomically diverse school within the Ann Arbor Public Schools.  

Anchored in a foundation of equity and culturally responsive design and practice, this enhanced programming will be unique and state-of-the-art among elementary programs in the country. 

The Bryant-Pattengill elementary schools form the heart of a strong community that resides in the southern region of Ann Arbor. Through these planned enhancements, Bryant and Pattengill will continue to draw on the strengths of the families that live in the neighboring school communities while also maintaining the rich, welcoming, internationally-diverse learning community for which Bryant-Pattengill has long been known, directly improving educational opportunities for all students.   

Moving forward, the AAPS will continue to provide an equitable, optimal and high-quality educational experience for each and every Bryant-Pattengill student – Every Child. Every Day.