June 16, 2023 - LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month is celebrated annually in June as a dedicated time to celebrate the wide diversity of individuals as strengthening our community and to recognize the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community in Ann Arbor and across the country. 

Pride observances are rooted in the arduous history of minority groups who have struggled for decades to overcome prejudice and be accepted for who they are. During June and throughout the year, our students, teachers and staff, families and community welcome the opportunity to learn, show our support and celebrate individuals for exactly who they are and the many talents and gifts they bring. 

On December 5, 2018, the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education adopted Policy 5011: Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students to codify and ensure protections for AAPS students in the areas of: Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination; Privacy/Confidentiality; Media and Community Communication; Names, Pronouns, and School Records; Access to Gender-Segregated Activities and Facilities; Physical Education Classes and Intramural and Interscholastic Athletics; Other Gender-Based Activities, Rules, Policies and Practices; Student Transitions; Training and Professional Development; and Bullying. 

The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Foster an educational environment for all students that is safe, welcoming, and free from stigma and discrimination, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression;

  2. Facilitate compliance with local, state and federal laws concerning bullying, harassment, privacy, and discrimination;

  3. Ensure that all students have the opportunity to express themselves and live authentically.

In the Ann Arbor Public Schools, we are committed to nurturing educational learning environments where each and every child, staff member, parent and family are respected and valued for who they are regardless of race or ethnicity, skin color, gender, sexual identity or orientation, ability or disability or any other category. 

We are a stronger school community as we honor, embrace and celebrate our diversity, continually create a culture of belonging for all, and value the connections that unite us as an inclusive Ann Arbor community.  

We invite all in the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Ann Arbor community to join us in celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month. 


Jeanice K. Swift
Superintendent of Schools
Ann Arbor Public Schools