October 11, 2023 - Statement on Attacks in Israel


Ann Arbor Public Schools logoHello AAPS Community, 

We are devastated by the attacks in Israel, and we are heartbroken to hear of the loss of life occurring over recent days in both Israel and Gaza. Our thoughts are with staff, students, families and community members who have been impacted by the crisis that has unfolded. These attacks come at a time of increased antisemitism in the U.S. and around the world. In the Ann Arbor Public Schools community, we believe strongly that there is no place for hate -- whether antisemitism, Islamophobia or xenophobia.


As this situation continues to evolve, it may be especially difficult for our Jewish and Palestinian students, their families and staff members, and it negatively affects us all. Remember that, even if there aren’t direct connections to the attacks, this news is alarming for anyone and violence shown in the media can impact our children. In How to talk to children about the violence in Israel and Gaza, National Public Radio has shared expert advice on how to talk with children who may have questions about the conflict, wonder why other children are among those affected, or even question whether they are safe.  


Please take care of yourself and those around you. These are challenging times in our world. We know that it is more important than ever for us to come together, to care for ourselves and each other, and to reach out to those who are hurting. 


If you or your child needs support, please reach out to a staff member at your school. If you or someone you know needs assistance, it is important to let an adult at school know. 


Let's commit to remaining close in our communication, connection and care as we deepen our commitment to the core values of respect for all, so that all in the AAPS feel the support of being united against hate, intolerance or violence of any kind. We are all engaged in the embrace and support of all our students, staff and families in this AAPS community we share together. 


We are a stronger community as we honor, embrace and celebrate our diversity, work together to continually create a culture of belonging for all and value the connections that unite us as an inclusive Ann Arbor community.  


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Jeanice Kerr Swift

Superintendent of Schools

Ann Arbor Public Schools