Transition to Angell Elementary School

Posted by Gary Court on 8/1/2017 8:00:00 AM

It will not be long before elementary students begin thinking about school starting. We are so excited each fall when our students return to start a fresh, new, year of learning, growing and leading.

There are some ways for parents to prepare and help transition their children as summer winds up:

- Maintain routines such as family meals and household chores.

-  Expect your child to read (or for younger students – to be read to) 30 minutes a


-  Limit television, internet surfing, social media and video games. Screen time tends to isolate children from one another.

-  Establish the same expectations for behavior at home that they will face at school. (listen without interrupting, take turns, share, wait patiently, follow directions)

-  Provide choices – give your child the opportunity to make a decision and live with the consequence of that choice. (red pants or blue pants, peas or carrots, brush upper teeth or lower teeth first, carry your coat or wear your coat, set the table or wash the dishes)

-  Encourage lots of physical activity. Research shows that children sleep better and are better learners and listeners when they engage in regular, gross motor exercise and play.

-  Find opportunities to serve others. Helping people in our community increases one’s self of purpose and shifts the focus from self to others. Doing something positive often results in experiencing joy and satisfaction.