Posted by Gary Court on 2/25/2019 8:00:00 AM

As we know, technology is neither good or bad, it is how we use and leverage it.  I am noticing that many of our students are eager to engage in being entertained rather than making, producing or building something (anything!!).  
We have responded to that challenge.  Two of our fantastic teachers started a coding club (computer programming) at lunchtime to help students develop their tech skills.  The kids are excited and very adept.  Our Project Lead the Way science curriculum promotes programming skills so the "robot" will carry out specific functions.
Please try to steer your child(ren) into constructive screen time activities.  Give them the idea that they can learn to create and assemble something and that is both fun and useful.  
I came across this article from Dr. Victoria Dunckley, M.D. in Psychology Today (Sept. 2016) and is an easy read about the downward spiral of too much video gaming.  We can all relate to her story. 
Gary Court