Letter Regarding COVID-19

Posted by Gary Court on 3/9/2020 7:00:00 AM

Dear Parents,


This letter is to update you on our efforts as a school district currently in progress regarding our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Angell’s school community is richly international, and we are very proud of that attribute.  Unfortunately, some students have made hurtful comments that have been targeted at other students, particularly Asian, suspected of being from a country with cases of the coronavirus.  This is antithetical to all that we hold to be right and good.  During times when there is fear or uncertainty, our sense of community and unity must remain intact and inviolable.  Anxiety and fear can be a great disablers.  We must guard against that and strengthen the fidelity of our relationships.  Let us join together, to help each other and be supportive through times that seem unsure or unpredictable.  We are at our best at that.  


I recognize that there is a high level of concern, and our course is to reduce that level of apprehension by helping each other take appropriate and thoughtful actions.  Our nurse, Keely Hoffman, R.N., has visited the classrooms to remind students of how to properly wash hands, one of the most important actions to remain healthy.  Our classrooms are undergoing very thorough cleaning every evening and a “Clorox 360” cleaning machine has been employed to bring a higher level of thorough cleaning to the building.  We are encouraging elbow bumps instead of hand shakes.  Students have been reminded to cough into elbows, not palms of hands, etc.


The Ann Arbor Public Schools are following all protocols from the CDC and the Washtenaw County Health Department.  I am attaching a letter from Dr. Swift that outlines the AAPS’ response to the coronavirus. 




Gary Court