Week 29

Posted by Becky Gracey on 4/12/2024 4:00:00 PM

Here is what we will focus on next week:


We will continue our Writing unit, "Persuasive Essays." Students will revise their leads, transition words, and endings.

We will continue our word study program, "Morpheme Magic." Students will study the affixes im-, in-, il-, ir-, and over-.

We will continue to write, read, and work on reading strategies and skills in small groups and complete Lexia.


We will continue the unit, "Investigations in Measurement; Decimal Multiplication and Division." Students will learn how to divide decimals by decimals and plot and represent fractional data on line plots.

Social Studies

We will continue the unit, "A New Nation." Students will discuss the founding fathers and a research project based on a current issue and the constitution.


We will continue Project Lead the Way with Mr. Tomsik.

We will begin the unit, "Safety." Students will learn about how to have fun and stay safe in situations involving sun, water, and ice.
Our Character Effect lessons will focus on the character strength, bravery.