Week 34

Posted by Becky Gracey on 5/17/2024 4:00:00 PM

Here is what we will focus on next week:


We will continue our Reading unit, "Interpretive and Analytic Reading." Students will think about titles as symbols, how details provide greater meaning, and the point of view of the narrator.

We will continue our word study program, "Morpheme Magic." Students will study the affix de-.

We will continue to write, read, and work on reading strategies and skills in small groups and complete Lexia.


We will continue the unit, "Multiplication of Mixed Numbers; Geometry; Graphs." Students will learn how to identify and visualize patterns and how to use rules, tables, and graphs.

Social Studies

There will not be any Social Studies this week.


We will continue Project Lead the Way with Mr. Tomsik.

We will continue our unit, "Safety." Students will learn about good touch and bad touch.
We will begin our unit, "Reproductive Health."
Our Character Effect lessons will focus on the character strength sense of meaning.