Posted by Nathan Hatt on 3/6/2019 4:00:00 PM

In this edition of the PBL Corner, we continue our ongoing conversation featuring the many voices of A2 STEAM. Part two of our series will focus on the many forms of “Inquiry”.

PBL Works describes "Sustained Inquiry" thusly: "Students engage in a rigorous, extended process of posing questions, finding resources, and applying information." Contributing PBL Works author Charity Moran Parsons writes on the PBLWorks blog: in her post titled "Sustained Inquiry in PBL as a Tool for Social Justice," "Throughout the course of a project’s path, justice will be given in the ways we can continue to leverage the students’ questions, ideas, and concerns about the matter at hand. As students work to formulate their answers to the driving question, we can provide opportunities for students to reflect upon the questions they began with, any answers they may have uncovered, and any new questions they may discover."

Sustained inquiry comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the discipline and mode of understanding. There are many phases in inquiry, and it should be noted that skill-building is often an important pre-cursor to a fully student-driven approach.

I had the opportunity to interview students, teachers, and parents over the past two weeks as we have been discussing the importance of a Inquiry in our PBL work together. Here is what they had to say:

"Sustained Inquiry" doesn't end at the conclusion of a project. It doesn't end when a student leaves school. Inquiry is sustained for a child when they own their learning and pursue their interests outside of the walls of A2 STEAM.

As we continue our community testimonials, I invite you all to share how your child has taken their learning beyond A2 STEAM.