Just Jump In!

Posted by Nathan Hatt on 5/1/2019 4:00:00 PM

Are you a parent who is interested in being involved in PBL, but not sure how? In this recent post from the PBL Works blog, author Leslie Edmonds shares a few ideas for connecting with PBL in your child's classroom.

Just Jump In! Parent and Community Involvement in PBL.

Edmonds identifies a few big ideas in her article, and we'd like to connect the dots here at A2 STEAM if any of those seemed appealing:

  • Chaperone a Field Trip
    Our Field Trips are most often aligned to PBL projects. By reading grade-level newsletters or reaching out to your child's teacher via email, you can learn about PBL-related trips and lend a hand if you are free and so inclined.
  • Invite Members of the Community to Join the Fun
    Do you know of any local businesses, community organizations, or municipal offices that might feature well in a PBL project? Let us know! You can email grade level teachers or me, the PBL Coordinator (hattn@aaps.k12.mi.us) to make a meaningful connection! If you yourself have a passion to share, please fill out the community experts form here (Community Experts Form) and we can match you to a project!
  • Stay in Touch on Social Media
    Follow us on Twitter @A2STEAM, and don't forget to follow your child's teacher as well. You can also keep up with PBL initiatives by following me @HattMr. You can find us on FaceBook simply by searching for A2 STEAM.
  • Learn Along with your Child
    Lots of the work that kids do in PBL, even starting in their first year at A2 STEAM, is complex. There are lots of ways to keep up, but don't foget to ask your child about their project!
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask
    If there is anything about PBL that still remains a mystery, please reach out! Don't forget to browse our website and look at our promotional videos on this blog to learn more.

PBL is a new way of learning. It's all-encompassing and happens in many different ways. Let's continue to learn together!