Semester 2, week ending March 20, 2020

Posted by Cindy Leaman on 3/20/2020

Good Evening-


This is week 7 for Semester 2.  I hope everyone is healthy and beginning to figure out how to “school remotely”.  Those of you who have been taking online have an advantage.  You have already learned how to pace, access material, and study independently. You can use these skills to your advantage when your classroom teacher sends you work.   As far as online courses go, you will not receive any special instruction Students are expected to work in their online courses the same as usual when school is in session only the location of online learning has changed. The great news is that many of you have been working ahead and have turned in more than the average number of assignments.  We are all proud of the effort you have put forth and the way you have adjusted to this environment.   For those of you who are thinking this is like a “snow day”, please know that everyone is expected to work in their courses a minimum of 5 hours a week. There will not be an extension for courses due to the school closing for COVID-19.  As a reminder, students will still have to have a minimum of two proctor exams; the only change is that the proctoring will not be available until after the school buildings reopen.   In the interim, students can work more than just 5 hours in the course(s) they can actually finish everything except the proctored tests. The proctored tests can be taken once schools are back in session.  Working ahead in the online course will lessen the school load from the building instructors once schools reopen.


If your child doesn’t have regular access to a computer or internet, be sure to contact the administrator of the building where the student attends.  Arrangements are being made through the school buildings to help students with this need. Students must have computer and internet access to complete an online course.  Not having access is not an acceptable reason for withdrawing.  Please contact your building administrator now if you need a computer or internet access.

Upcoming Dates:

NO PROCTORING until school resumes in buildings

March 30 - April 3 –Spring Break, classes not monitored by teachers but open for students, no Weekly Moodle Check-in this week, next Wednesday Weekly Moodle is due April 8, 2020.

Tentative Dates (dependent on school buildings reopening):

April 7 – suggested mid-point for the semester and first proctored test should be taken

April 10- Last day for Middle School Math students to move to another class this year

April 28 – Parent Teacher Conference Skyline Commons 5:00-6:30 pm (proctoring open)

April 29- Parent-Teacher Conferences – by Zoom invite 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

May 5 – Proctoring Center closed, no school

June 4 - Last day to return paperwork for an extension

June 11 – Last day of the term, classes close


A2Virtual+ Advisory Board

With everything that was going on last week, this was not probably first on anyone’s mind.  However, I am still in need of parents to join our Board.  Please consider helping us out.  A2Virtual+ has an Advisory Board that meets twice a year.  Our next meeting is April 16 from 11 am – 1 pm.  Volunteer Board members should be available to commit for two years, through June 2021.  Next year A2Virtual+ will be reviewed for Cognia accreditation (formerly AdVancED) and board members will need to participate.  We have parent members as part of our board.  We now have two openings.  If you would like to volunteer to be on the A2Virtual Advisory Board, please submit your self-nomination here.  We are adding student members and looking for at least one student to represent grades 5-8 and another from high school.  If you are currently in grade 5-11 and would like to participate, please nominate yourself here.  Nominations will be open through April 5.  I hope that you would consider being a valued member of our Advisory Board.


AAPS Online Courses:

Students should have received an email from their instructor with stated office hours.  Use this time to ask questions or seek help.  It is also a great opportunity to connect not only with the instructor but with other students. 


Michigan Virtual or other Courses:

These courses are also continuing and fully functional.  Students are to work each day in the content and contact the content instructor listed in your course if a question arises.  Our AAPS mentors (listed in PowerSchool) will continue to monitor your progress and update PowerSchool.   If your child cannot get a hold of the instructor for his/her course, s/he should contact the AAPS mentor and they will help out.


Middle School Students in AAPS Math

While most of our middle school students seem to understand the process while we are in remote learning mode, I am repeating last week’s message.  Middle school math students who are planning on accelerating before April 10, please keep in communication with your instructor.  We will not be running any proctoring sessions during the time that Ann Arbor is working remotely.  Students will be required to take all proctored tests to receive credit in the course.  However, in order to allow students who are ready to move a chance to keep up the momentum, we have created a provisional movement opportunity.  For students who have completed the course according to the math acceleration guidelines (with the exception of the proctored tests), the instructors will have students complete a comprehensive test, un-proctored (at home) which will determine if the student is ready to move on.  Students who get a 90% or greater will be allowed to move into the next course on a provisional basis with the understanding that before credit will be awarded, all proctored tests will be taken once proctoring sessions resume and before May 7, 2020.  Students must be awarded credit and a grade in the previous course before credit can be awarded in a more advanced course.  Students will not receive any credit until all proctoring has occurred.  If your child(ren) is going to accelerate you will be asked to sign a contract acknowledging this before they are moved to the next course.  All of this will be handled by the current math teacher.  This is a temporary provisional course movement that will only be offered until we return to proctoring sessions. 


Moodle Check-ins

Wednesday Moodle Check-ins are still required of all our students.  Anthony Lauer has tried to change things up a bit to be a little more interesting.  I hope you are enjoying them.



On behalf of the entire A2Virtual+ staff, thank you for taking an online class with A2Virtual+.  We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.  Keep safe and healthy, be cautious, and remember to practice social distancing.


Cindy Leaman


Quick Reference:

Link to 2019-20 Parent Online Guide

Link to IEP/504/ATM Guidelines

Drop-In/Proctoring Centers: On hold until school buildings reopen:

Tuesday:  4:30-7:00 PM Skyline HS Media Center

Thursday: arrive between 7:15-8:15 AM Balas (2555 S. State St.)