Week 1

Posted by Becky Gracey on 9/1/2023 4:00:00 PM


Aside from missing one day, we had a fabulous week! It was so great meeting all of your children and I am looking forward to working with them this school year! We spent a lot of time getting to know each other, team building, and setting up our classroom.


I will have all of the school materials that your child will need for classroom use available as needed. They will need to bring a water bottle, lunch, and snack (fruit or veggie only). Please see the placement letter that was sent via email or Mrs. Clinkscale's Dream Keeper newsletter for information regarding free breakfast/lunch if your child will be getting breakfast/lunch from the cafeteria. 

Dismissal Plans

It is important that I know your child's dismissal plan. Thanks for letting me know how your child will get home Monday - Friday on a normal basis. Please notify me if there are any permanent or temporary dismissal plan changes before 11:30 the day of the change. Please see Mrs. Clinkscale's Dream Keeper Newsletter for other arrival/dismissal information.

Curriculum Night

Curriculum Night will be September 13th from 5:30-7:00. The 5th grade format is listed below and it will be in person. I hope to see everyone there!

5:00-5:30 Camp Meeting

5:30-5:40 Principals' Presentation

5:40-6:30 Classroom Teacher Presentation


I am so excited that we will have the opportunity to go to Howell Nature Center for an overnight camp from September 27th to September 29th! Please refer to the email sent by Mrs. Clickscale for camp information and forms that need to be filled out ASAP. There will be a brief informational meeting before Curriculum Night on September 13th at 5:00.

Devices and Headphones
I do not know yet when devices will be handed out, but when they do, your child needs to bring them home and back to school every day. I do not have a secure place to keep them overnight. Please send a set of headphones in a baggie labeled with your child's name if you can. These should be left at school and will be used every day. I have extras if your child doesn't have any to bring to school.
Assessment Binders/Friday Folders
Assessment Binders and Friday Folders will come home with your child at the end of each week and need to be returned the next school day. The binders contain all of their assessments, goals, and reflections. The Friday Folders contain their completed work and any papers from the office. Please take time over the weekend to read through your child's things.

UofM Intern

Here is a message from our UofM Intern, Naseebah Ikram:

I went to Michigan State University and received a B.S. in Advertising Management. I've worked as a substitute teacher and volunteer at Michigan Islamic Academy from October 2022 until May 2023. I'm currently a student at the University of Michigan and am working towards a Master's in Arts with a teaching certificate.