• Driveline Dismissal Process

Driveline Dismissal Process

We are pleased to introduce at our schools a new after school dismissal program called Driveline. This dismissal program will initially be used by families who pick up students using their vehicle. It allows for a safer and more organized end of day student release.

As we begin to implement this process we ask you to help us by doing three very important things:

  1. Stay in your car when you arrive at school.
  2. Have your AAPS Driveline Hang Tag that has your unique Family ID hanging from your rearview mirror with the Family ID facing out.
  3. Exit school property as soon as your student is safely in your vehicle.

School staff will be outside entering your Family ID into the system. This alerts the classroom teacher who then releases students to your vehicle. Students will remain in their classroom until their family name appears on the classroom screen.

We will release walkers at one time and bus students by their bus number to avoid congestion in the hallways.

Please remember, no parents will be allowed to congregate outside the school and if you arrive at school to walk with your student have an agreed upon meeting area on school property so we don’t create congestion at the front door. We will be socially distancing.

*Safety Tips: If your student sits in a car seat or booster, please have that positioned on the passenger side of the car. All students will enter the vehicle on the passenger side.


  • We will send home your Family ID hang tag in your student’s backpack (youngest student at this school) after the first day.
  • For the first day please write your FAMILY ID # on a paper and have it in your window at dismissal.

Thank you and if you have any questions please contact us.