• Breakfast Policy

Our breakfast program is free and available to any student every morning. Breakfast bags will be placed on carts and handed out by staff to students who wish to take one. Breakfast does not need to be preordered and will be eaten in the classroom. Please check out the attached map for your nearest breakfast cart. We encourage kiddos to stop by and grab a breakfast or even save it for a snack!

At lunch, students will be given assigned seats and be socially distanced at all times. Students are permitted to remove their masks to eat. Once they finish eating, they are required to put their mask back on.

As always, students may bring a lunch from home; however, we are recommending that if a lunch is brought to school, please make sure it is completely disposable. In normal years, classrooms use baskets to organize and store student lunches from home. Because of cross-contamination and our efforts to minimize any potential exposure and maintain social distancing at all times, students will be responsible for their lunches throughout the school day. In turn, we anticipate our students forgetting and/or misplacing their lunches during our transitions from lunch to recess and then, back to the classroom. This is why we are suggesting students bringing a completely disposable lunch if at all possible. If your student misplaces their lunch box, please email thurston@aaps.k12.mi.us. However, if your student does bring a lunch box to school, please label it with their name and classroom teacher. 

Lunch will be monitored and eaten in their classrooms.

Breakfast Cart Map