When I take an online course will it be in PowerSchool?

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All online courses are listed in PowerSchool for the student.  It is a non-traditional class and shows up as "AS" - which indicates it is outside the school day.  AAPS online courses will have entries in PowerSchool for each assignment and exam.  For courses based in APEX, Edgenuity, and MVU, the most accurate way to see the grades for an online class is in the online grade book.  At a minimum, a grade is transferred to PowerSchool once a month, although grades are typically updated weekly.  That grade will reflect the progress that the student has made according to the Pacing Chart.  Students who are taking a course that is outside of the term calendar for their school may not see the grade accurately in their personal account.  This is due to a deficiency in PowerSchool.  Students or parents who need to see the grade can make request to the A2 Virtual+ office or with the student's counselor and a print out can be made.