How does taking online courses affect eligibility in sports?

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Online courses are considered a flexible option because the content can be accessed any time, any place, and at any pace. However, high school student athletes need to have assignments submitted in alignment with the pace of the course for the PowerSchool grade to show adequate progress. Athletic Directors review grades for MHSAA eligibility.  The online grade in PowerSchool reflects coursework as a percentage of total points earned compared to what could be earned during each four-week interim for the student.  This means that if a student only did two of ten assignments, then the grade will reflect "0" for eight assignments. Therefore, the student would show up as failing even if the two assignments that were turned in and graded were given an "A" or 100%.   Therefore, student athletes must keep pace with the online course. We also recommend that students check with the school Athletic Director to understand all the MHSAA rules.  Students who are intending to play on a university team should always choose a core course that has been NCAA Approved.  If you are not sure if a course is NCAA approved, please contact the A2 Virtual+ office.


updated January 2016