Will the credit earned be recognized the same as traditional course?

Posted by: Anthony

Assuming successful completion of an online course, would the credit earned be recognized as similar with the credit obtained after a regular high school class and count toward the required graduation credits? Would it be reported as online credit at the end of high school transcript? Could it be viewed as somehow “inferior” credit when compared with the “traditional” ones?

All online courses that are taken through our approved list of courses will generate a grade, which could generate credit if the student passes the course. The course will show up on the transcript and will contain a designation as part of the title indicating that the course was completed online. For example, the government online course would be entered on the transcript as Government OL. 

There are varying points of view about the idea that an online course is "inferior " as compared to a traditional course. There is not a clear answer when it comes to this question, as there is quite a variety in how classes are delivered in both online and traditional courses. One of the goals of A2 Virtual+ is to ensure students have access to online courses that meet our academic standards. Ann Arbor Public School encourages all students to discuss educational options with their counselor to ensure alignment with career goals, graduation requirements, learning styles, and athletic eligibility.

The state of Michigan, for student pupil accounting purposes, views online and traditional building courses as being equal.

updated May 2017