Are online courses flexible and can be customized to fit a student's other commitments?

Posted by: Anthony

All online courses have a defined start and end date, students must adhere to the pacing guide that charts course assignments and due dates.   This pacing guide will help students determine their own pace each week.  Generally there are not specific due dates for online courses so there would not be a penalty for submitting work after the suggested due dates. However, if a student falls behind and does not work consistently within the course, they will not be eligible for an extension should one be needed.  The Advanced Placement courses do have specific due dates and will impose a penalty grade if the student does not submit on time.  Students are required to take a mid-term and final during the proctoring sessions.  We suggest that you consult our calendar for specific places and times.

The flexibility that online courses afford are in the weekly time allotment to work.  We do not expect students to run quickly through course material as this is not optimal for student learning and retention.  We have specified the pacing chart to allow for adequate time to learn material.

updated August 2016