Does the course have to completed in a specific timeframe?

Posted by: Anthony

Yes.  All online courses have to be completed by the end of the posted term unless the students qualifies and applies for an extension.  (See the extension policy.)  All online courses have a defined start and end date but students are able to work at their own pace on a weekly basis. Most courses have a suggested pacing guide that students can reference to help them determine what work needs to be completed each week. Generally there would not be a penalty for submitting work after the suggested due dates.  However, falling behind has many ramifications the biggest being not having adequate time to learn the material.  The course instructor will work with the parents and students to ensure that the pacing guide is met.  The only courses currently that have specific due dates are the AP courses. A penalty is normally imposed if a student turns in assignments or takes quizzes or tests later than the posted date.  All Trimester courses have a defined time period of 12 weeks for completion and Semester courses have a defined time period of 18 weeks.  Students are required to take the final exam during the last week of the term unless they have been granted an extension.


updated August 2016